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Raising Team’s Morale

In the first year of my full time employment, I walked into the office with a big smile on my face everyday and greeted everyone I walked past with a “Good morning!”. It wasn’t until I got assigned a really big, difficult project loaded with difficult client & office politics that I would have headache every morning. I felt my energy level steadily decreasing as soon as I left home, and drained completely when I walked into the office, resulting in a grumpy face and my morning greetings dissapeared. I was agitated and impatient all the time, and I had difficulties sleeping. When I woke up, it felt like I hadn’t slept at all. Pretty soon my health started falling and I had to take an unpaid leave to recover.

Project Manager & Business Analyst Deadly Combo

Requirement is the base of any project, cause you can’t (or shouldn’t anyway) create plans and schedule when you don’t know what to make. A definite and concise requirement is critical for a Project Manager to produce realistic and accurate (close enough, at least) project schedule. Therefore the teamwork of a Project Manager (PM) and Business Analyst (BA) is very crucial in a project. When I started as a Junior PM, I had to learn things on my own by chasing down relevant seniors, sitting in a lot of requirement meetings and researching things. After 3 years, my BA friend and I were coaching and supervising the newcomers. We found that in most project, the two roles were often in conflict with each other. Common Business Analyst prejudice against Project Managers 1. Do not have the initiative to understand high-level project requirement documents. This was true with some PMs and I still don’t get why they do this. It is understandable to refer to your BAs when you are new, but when you are still doing …